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Tumescent vs. Traditional Techniques

In the past, plastic surgeons would perform liposuction on an area by removing fat through a device called a cannula without first injecting any fluid into the area. That resulted in a lot of bruising and at times significant blood loss. Today this method is rarely if ever used. Now we inject a fluid called tumescent solution to keep blood loss to a minimum and improve patient safety.

I use the safety of tumescent liposuction and combine it with the latest advances in ultrasonic liposuction for in my opinion the best lipo results possible. Patients tend to have very little bruising or discomfort, and the ultrasonic method is thought to help improve the overall shape after liposuction.

Ultrasonic Lipo

Ultrasonic liposuction is a newer method I have been using for my Tampa area patients. The probe used to suction the tissue moves rapidly at the tip and creates a vibration. This vibration/energy created is thought to cause the fat to implode but leave the surrounding, supporting tissue behind. The supporting tissue helps with overall contour and elasticity of the skin and leaves less contour irregularity sometimes associated with traditional liposuction.

I find that a combination of liposuction seems to provide the best results in my hands. In fact, I have some patients that are amazed at their results especially if they have had lipo in the past.


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