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Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is an incredible experience, full of joy and fulfillment. However, for many, it can also be the last time you feel truly confident with your body. There is a variety of changes that happen in a woman’s body both during and after pregnancy. Also to the expected weight gain, you may also lose shape and tone in your abdominal region, find your breasts overly engorged or deflated, and commonly see a loss of a balanced figure. Using proven treatment and the newest medicine, I can help you get back to feeling comfortable in your skin.

Who Should Consider a Mommy Makeover?

Those who would like a specifically designed to help repair and reverse the changes to a woman’s body from pregnancy and childbirth. While women who have not had children may have similar complaints, mothers tend to have a majority of these issues.

Healthy diet and exercise are not always good enough to get your old shape back. During pregnancy, your abdominal wall experiences intense, extended periods of stretching. That can lead to stretch marks, a general laxity of the stomach’s skin, and commonly a separation of the abdominal muscles.

Your breasts may also be affected due to breastfeeding. The physical demand of breastfeeding and the considerable increase in volume can lead to saggy or deflated breasts that may appear asymmetric or uneven. That is especially true in cases when a child tends to prefer nursing on a specific side.

If you are unhappy or experiencing any of the following, a Mommy Makeover could help.

•    Loose in the abdomen or mid-section
•    Stretch marks
•    Scars from a C-section
•    Droopy breasts
•    Different-sized breasts
•    Deflated or shrinking breasts
•    Loose abdominal tissue that does not improve with diet or exercise
•    Residual weight gain

What Does a Mommy Makeover Entail?

Every patient is unique with their personal needs and views of their body. Therefore, every Mommy Makeover is a different experience for each patient. I will personally evaluate you and your areas of concern, ensuring that you are aware of your options available. I will recommend what I believe to be the optimal treatment option based on the evaluation. In many cases, a mommy makeover will include breast augmentation and a tummy tuck though some also benefit from a breast lift and lipo sculpting.

A breast augmentation is given to increase breast volume and reinforce the shape. That can even out any asymmetries and give you more youthful looking breasts. Learn more about Egozi breast augmentation here.

Often, in conjunction with a breast augmentation, some women require a breast lift, known in the medical world as a mastopexy. There are minor and major mastopexies, depending on the size and shape of the incision used. We will discuss various options and help you decide what kind of breasts will be best for your body. Learn more about breasts lifts here.

A tummy tuck, known as abdominoplasty, uses surgical contouring to rid the abdominal area of extra skin and fatty tissue. It can also be used to help tighten the abdominal muscles that have been affected during pregnancy. Reconstructing the belly button is the most important aspect of a tummy tuck. A poorly recreated belly button is noticeable when wearing a bathing suit. I strive to give women the most natural appearing belly button that looks youthful and untouched, so you look bikini ready. Learn more about tummy tucks here.

If your abdomen and thighs need a little attention, your Mommy Makeover could include liposuction or lipo-sculpting. These are procedures to remove fat cells from particular areas of the body. Often we will use a combination of two different kinds of liposuction to achieve the best results.