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Tummy Tuck (Abdominplasty)

Also called an abdominoplasty; It is a cosmetic surgical body contouring procedure to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue on the abdomen as well as tighten the muscles. With pregnancy and weight gain, the abdominal muscles are often stretched and separated. This tightening of them muscles helps give the appearance of a slimmer trimmer waistline.

Frequently, women will ask, “Do you move the belly button?” The answer is NO. In a tummy tuck, my goal is to give you a slimmer waistline, remove the overhang, tighten the muscles, and provide a sexier more appropriate belly button in the same position. It is the tissue around the belly button that moves not the button itself. I am quite proud of my method for belly button shaping after a tummy tuck. It may sound a bit silly to be proud of it, but I think a definite sign of a tummy tuck is a poorly shaped belly button. You may have noticed women in a two piece bathing suit on the beach with a very round and obvious scar around it. Sometimes the incision is also visible above the two piece suit. I take every effort to camouflage the lower waistline and belly button incisions so that you can comfortably wear a two piece suit if you desire after your tummy tuck.


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