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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Types of Lifts Defined:

Cosmetic breast surgery may include enhancing breast volume with implants, but it may also include lifting the sagging and making them perkier. A breast lift is technically called a mastopexy. They are performed in a variety of ways. I have adopted and modified a few of the latest techniques to achieve some of the roundest and perkiest breast shapes possible with a lift. As you look through the before and after photo gallery notice the shape and fullness of the breasts that is associated with a youthful appearance. I’m proud of my modifications of some modern techniques that I feel have allowed me to achieve these nice results a majority of the time WITHOUT the need for breast implants. During your consultation, I will show you in the mirror a realistic approximation of what a breast lift would look like without implants, and I will recommend whether you would benefit from implants as well.

Types of Mastopexies:

A mastopexy is categorized as a minor or major. The difference lies in how much of the breast needs to be lifted. Of the patients that are younger than about 50 years of age usually require only a minor mastopexy. As women age and their breasts become more deflated and droopy, they may need a major mastopexy. I routinely perform mastopexies on women of all ages. No woman should feel as if they are not a candidate simply based on age.

A minor mastopexy usually limits the incision to a circular or crescent shaped one around the nipple and areola (the colored part of the nipple). A major mastopexy will have a vertical incision and quite possibly a horizontal one as well. Often referred to as a “key-hole”, or “upside down T-incision”, or “anchor” shaped incision. It’s important to realize that the incision is just the access to the breast tissue, whereas a plastic surgeon we rearrange the internal anatomy of the breasts to give you the fullness you desire. I am proud of my adaptation of some of the latest techniques of internal rearrangement. These are what help me achieve some of the perkiest looking breasts. Look at my before and after photo gallery here to see what I mean about achieving natural youthful looking breasts WITHOUT implants.


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