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Dr. Eric Egozi is an award-winning Tampa plastic surgeon whose dexterity and attention to detail makes him one of Florida’s finest plastic surgeons. He received his doctorate from the Emory University School of Medicine and completed a fellowship at the world class Cornell New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

Prior to opening the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Egozi completed Plastic Surgery Training at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. He learned from and with the nations best and brightest cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons. During his time in Charlottesville, he was awarded the Raymond F. Morgan MD Award, an award that recognizes the University of Virginia’s most outstanding Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery.

The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center specializes in a number of cosmetic procedures including face and neck lifts, implant procedures, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, and injections. All of these procedures are performed to best suit your needs and wants. We will meet and consult extensively before any surgical or non-surgical procedure is performed. It is important to understand the details of any procedure including the before and after experience and the reasons for undergoing any procedure. Additionally, we have to make sure that your body is in a condition that is safe to perform surgically and non-surgical procedures on, and, if necessary, explore other options.

Face lifts, known, as rhytidectomys in the medical world, is one of the most popular procedures patients seek out. There are different types of face lifts, and each one is used based on the needs of the patient. The goal of a face lift is to achieve a rejuvenated and youthful-looking face without revealing any signs of surgery.

The traditional face lift is the most popular and well-known facial procedure. Although this is the type of procedure that sometimes shows signs of surgery, it creates the most long lasting results with a mild amount of discomfort during your recovery time.

Additional work can be done after the traditional face lift, including a mini face lift and a rejuvenation lift. Both procedures use smaller incisions designed to revamp previous procedures. You may experience some discomfort after a mini or rejuvenation face lift but that only lasts a few days, and you can return to your normal routine shortly after the procedure.

If you want to go the non-surgical route, your options consist of different injection treatments that we are certified to administer. We can administer Sculptra, Juvederm Restylane injections, and Botox treatment. All three are recommended separately on a patient-to-patient basis. Sculptra is administered to treat facial wrinkles and lasts up to 2 years. Sculptra encourages your body to create new collagen and is a more naturally process. Juvederm Restylane is also used to treat wrinkles and results in a fuller and youthful appearance. Juvederm is effective for about nine months at a time, but the results vanish your wrinkles. Botox is the most well-known injection, and recent improvements have alleviated previous safety concerns. Botox is purified protein that treats specific muscles and removes wrinkles for three to four months at a time.

Injections are preferable for patients looking to undergo a simple procedure that allows you to resume your normal routine with very little discomfort. Injections do require additional treatment about two times a year, which requires patients to be willing to visit the center more frequently.

Face lifts are popular, but procedures that fall under the mommy-makeover category are sought after more often. Mommy makeovers include breast augmentations, breast reduction, reconstruction, implants, tummy tucks, lifts, and other procedures. Often these procedures are done in conjunction with one another to create the best results possible, and limit additional discomfort if you decide to do more than one procedure. Just like every other procedure performed at the Center, every patient seeking any of these procedures will undergo an extensive evaluation process to determine the best course of action that suits your needs.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that enhances breast volume and shape. Often patients seek out this procedure following pregnancy and breast-feeding. Other times patients seek out augmentation to correct natural breast asymmetry or the natural loss of volume or increased sagging. Breast lifts are often done together with augmentations because the combination of the two leads to a shape that patients are often seeking.

Lifts, also known mastopexies, are categorized by major and minor mastopexy. Minor mastopexies require smaller incisions to specific areas that are targeted during the consultation process. Major mastopexies consist of larger vertical incisions in strategic areas so as best to manipulate breast tissue. Sometimes augmentation procedures include small incisions to place implants if necessary. Decisions regarding implants will be made during the consultation process and is recommended on a patient-to-patient basis.

Using refined skills and taking great care during surgery, augmentation and lift procedures lead to only minor discomfort. Often patient’s report that they do not require pain pills post surgery and that they can return to work between 3 to 5 days after surgery.

At the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, patient safety is emphasized. This is especially true when performing liposuctions that are often done in conjunction with other mommy makeover procedures. In the past, liposuctions were performed by removing fat via a device called a cannula. We use a fluid called tumescent that significantly increases patient safety and improves results. However, if you are still uncomfortable with a liposuction, there are other options that produce similar results.

The Tummy Tuck is one of those procedures and is sometimes done as part of a mommy makeover. A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat tissue and compresses the wall of abdominal muscles. This is a common procedure amongst patients whose body’s naturally changed due to pregnancy. The abdominal muscles are stretched and sometimes separated after pregnancy; a tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and creates a natural looking trimmer waistline.

Patients are often concerned that undergoing a tummy tuck will disfigure their abdominal region, specifically their belly button. This is not ever the case as the goal of a tummy tuck is to simply strengthen and reattach abdominal muscles. There will be no physical changes to your abdominal skin; rather the fatty tissue and muscles in that area are manipulated leading to a trimmer waistline.

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